Attego joins Development Partner Institute Advisory Council

8 months ago

Attego, the global leader in ESG impact solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been invited to join the Development Partner Institute (DPI) Advisory Council. As a technical advisory member, Attego’s ESG Impact Solutions complement and support DPI’s aspiration to fundamentally change the extractive business model of the mining industry from insular and reactive, to an integrated and proactive development partner, delivering on economic, environmental, and social shared purpose.

The Advisory Council is composed of industry leaders who will regularly engage to further DPI’s innovative and transformative multi-stakeholder work. Attego’s contributions to the work will be invaluable. Its Social Intelligence Monitoring Platform, altumINSIGHT, enables in-depth social and web monitoring intelligence. For the mining industry, it delivers the monitoring, analysis, and reporting of critical issues around an operation including:

  • Identifying and tracking community stakeholders impacted by a project
  • Identifying changes in stakeholder sentiment around a project
  • Identifying insights and data supporting outreach activities
  • Collecting data that can be used in response to a crisis or PR issue
  • Creating a factual record

As part of altumINSIGHT, Attego has developed a proprietary trust index that tracks overall trust of the operation based upon online conversations. Trust volatility and the momentum of its change is also calculated—Moving Average Trust Volatility (MATV) and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)—and monitored, providing insight into how a mining operation is being perceived over time, and when interventions are required.

Attego’s ESG Impact Solutions together with its Social Intelligence Monitoring Platform, dovetail with DPI’s mission: To build bridges with groups that have a stake in mining by gaining trust, developing a common language, cultivating understanding, and fostering new collaborations.

They also support DPI’s principles that are core to the Development Partner Approach by providing a framework for the mining industry that moves it from:

  • Being known as the “isolated extractive” industry to the “resource development” industry
  • Cost and production measurement to a long-term, value-creation culture
  • Short-term profit to long-term equity; operational risk management to sustainable development
  • “Check the box” procedure-driven engagement to ongoing, meaningful, and substantive collaboration
  • One-dimensional technical managers to leaders who can navigate the risks and opportunities presented by geopolitical, environmental, governmental, social, and economic issues
  • Standalone sustainability technocrats to integrated systems thinkers
  • Prescribed, closed, linear, formulaic approaches to ensuring creativity and innovation through inclusion of diverse world views

Attego’s demonstrated expertise in performing multidisciplinary integrated activities that result in benefits for all stakeholder groups, will reinforce and facilitate DPI’s mission to engage the mining ecosystem to shape a new approach and way of thinking, and to advance and extend transformative innovative thinking around shifting to an integrated and proactive approach.

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