Headquartered in North Carolina, Attēgo operates as a division of RTI International. Founded in 1958, RTI has grown to a staff of over 5,000 working in more than 75 countries. RTI is one of the world’s leading research institutes providing scientific and technical services in health, education and training, surveys and statistics, international development, economic and social policy, and energy and the environment. RTI is dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice.

Attēgo draws upon the extensive resources and capabilities of RTI, providing all types of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) solutions to meet the needs and demands of commercial clients and investors. As the world leader in ESG impact solutions, Attēgo’s ongoing work spans the globe to ensure the sustainable success of ESG investments for both corporations and governments.

The core of Attēgo’s success is in the four pillars of its ESG impact solutions: ESG Assessment, ESG Financial and Impact Optimization, ESG Implementation, and ESG Validation. Each is designed to address key aspects of impact projects: ESG activities and investments that benefit stakeholders and enable successful operations while also providing a financial return on investment (ROI). These four pillars allow Attēgo to identify, select, execute, and track impact projects from the beginning to the end of their life cycles. Attēgo’s services help establish and maintain clients’ social license to operate, ensuring both immediate and long-term success for operators and investors.

Attēgo’s ESG Assessment Solutions address the need for comprehensive, integrated information and data to inform key decisions and identify and capture all risks and critical issues. Attēgo conducts assessments and analyzes information with the organization’s specific context and circumstances in mind, applying scientifically rigorous methods designed to identify opportunities to maximize ESG impact and ROI.

Attēgo created its ESG Financial and Impact Optimization Solutions to enable the selection and optimization of impact projects. We help clients accurately deliver defendable business cases while establishing management and budgetary support for impact investments over the long term. Attēgo delivers optimized solutions for maximizing ROI, resulting in the capitalization of shared value through an integrated portfolio of ESG impact projects. This shared value can help attract additional funding and partners, and properly engages all stakeholders to maintain the organization’s social license to operate.

Delivering comprehensive and strategic communications plans and an adaptive, responsive approach to successful ESG project execution, Attēgo’s ESG Implementation Solutions are all directly tied to operational timelines, budgets, and reporting. Its multi-disciplinary expertise in ESG impact projects and partnership management provides financial and ESG benefits for all stakeholders, combining operational knowledge and subject matter expertise with objective scientific rigor for stronger, more sustainable solutions.

To enable sustainable ESG performance through accurate tracking and reporting over time, Attēgo’s ESG Validation Solutions can quantify ESG impacts, making related ESG efforts easier to support. Its highly collaborative approach is designed to establish and deliver the most appropriate metrics for measuring ESG impact. Through effective monitoring and evaluation, Attēgo tracks and demonstrates the value of ESG investments to companies and investors.

Mitigate Key Risks • Optimize ROI • Improve Stakeholder Engagement
Achieve better, integrated ESG investments and activities.


To ensure ESG impact solutions are effective, it’s essential to start with the right information.

By reviewing, collecting, and analyzing high-quality data, we can provide you with actionable recommendations to help improve your operational and ESG investment decisions.

Financial and Impact Optimization Solutions

ESG solutions should help to ensure your investments work for you and for other stakeholders.

We assemble an ESG impact portfolio that we optimize for your regional conditions and specific circumstances by identifying opportunities for shared value across projects, and by using our social license to operate index (SOLO).


ESG implementation solutions must deliver the plan and approach that ensures success.

With access to more than 5,000 professional staff across more than 150 scientific disciplines, we can offer you unparalleled resources for implementing the optimal set of ESG impact projects.


ESG impact projects are investments, and therefore should be monitored for performance.

We supply you with an array of monitoring, evaluation, and reporting tools to ensure consistent communication throughout the ESG project implementation.

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