Our comprehensive integrated ESG Impact Solutions are the result of more than 50 years of field experience executing large, complex ESG projects and programs in more than 75 countries around the world. Our subject matter experts, project managers, support staff, and vast network of highly qualified partners and consultants mean that your specific situation receives customized attention.

Each of our four ESG Impact Solutions is designed to reduce operational risk and improve stakeholder engagement  through better ESG investments and activities.  They address all aspects of ESG impact projects from the beginning to the end of their life cycles:

ESG Assessment Solutions

These are the first steps in achieving sustainable success. To ensure ESG impact solutions are effective, it’s essential to start with the right information. By reviewing, collecting, and analyzing high-quality data, we can provide you with actionable recommendations to help improve your operational and ESG investment decisions. And through our rigorous methods, effective stakeholder engagement, and data-driven processes, we can identify ESG impact projects, prioritizing selection to maximize ESG impact and return on your investment (ROI).

ESG Financial and
Impact Optimization Solutions

These solutions enable us to analyze candidate ESG impact projects, using tools and processes that will ensure the selected ESG projects are the right ones for maximizing your ROI. These solutions help to ensure your investments work harder for you and for other stakeholders. We assemble an ESG impact portfolio that we optimize for your regional conditions and specific circumstances by identifying opportunities for shared value across projects, and by using our social license to operate index (SOLO).

ESG Implementation Solutions

These solutions deliver the plan and approach that ensure the successful execution of ESG projects. With access to more than 5,000 professional staff across more than 150 scientific disciplines, we can offer you unparalleled resources for implementing the optimal set of ESG impact projects. When these are managed as ESG impact investments, each project contributes to an overall portfolio of work specifically designed to maximize value in the region.

ESG Validation Solutions

Defining ESG impact can be a challenge. Our team has decades of experience and has analyzed hundreds of ESG impact projects to develop methods for quantifying ESG impact. We designed our processes to produce measurable results that we can track over time.

As ESG impact projects are investments, we carefully monitor and evaluate performance over time to validate that your ESG project portfolio is working as planned. Beginning with a baseline, we benchmark performance at regular intervals to demonstrate the ongoing ROI.

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