Do you need comprehensive, integrated information and data to inform key environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) decisions?

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You know it takes experienced, scientifically rigorous guidance to address potential ESG risks and deliver your ESG solutions. But sustained success means maximizing the impact of your ESG solutions and return on ESG investments.

Regardless of your specific situation, effective ESG solutions begin with the right information. Our multi-step ESG Assessment Solutions take an integrated approach to identifying and resolving challenges, pursuing opportunities, and creating value. By reviewing, collecting, and analyzing comprehensive high-quality data, we can provide you with actionable recommendations to help improve your operational and ESG investment decisions.

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We understand the complexities involved in regional ESG conditions. We apply scientifically rigorous methods for gathering and analyzing data across key domains such as health, education, workforce, economics, legal and regulatory issues, governmental capacity, infrastructure, energy, and the environment.

How these domains interact and influence one another, and how they tie back to your organization’s processes, are critical factors that are often underestimated and poorly understood. Our experts identify and address your needs and objectives, and work to deliver ways to improve performance through better ESG impact investments.

From fully understanding regional ESG needs and opportunities to creating a baseline for obtaining and maintaining the social license to operate, our ESG Assessment Solutions are the first step in achieving sustainable success. Through rigorous methods, effective stakeholder engagement, and data-driven processes, we identify ESG impact projects, prioritizing selection to maximize ESG impact and return on your investment (ROI).


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