Selecting an optimal combination of ESG impact projects that have a defendable business case establishes management and budgetary support for these investments over the long term.

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Your organization has been impacted by ESG conditions and issues, and you’ve invested significant time, money, and effort to control for ESG risks and challenges. How do you know the investments you’ve made are as good as they could be?


We specialize in analyzing candidate ESG impact projects, using tools and processes to ensure the projects that are selected are the right ones for maximizing ROI. Our ESG Financial and Impact Optimization Solutions help ensure your investments work harder for you and for other stakeholders. By identifying opportunities for shared value across projects, and using our social license to operate index, we assemble an ESG impact portfolio that is optimized for your regional conditions and specific circumstances.

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What is an optimized ESG portfolio?

An optimized ESG portfolio is a collection of ESG impact projects that balances financial returns with regional benefits in the best possible way. Regional improvements and positive ESG change cannot be achieved without taking financial results into account; only by balancing these can activities become truly sustainable.

Our process pushes beyond corporate social responsibility and philanthropic spending to develop an investable approach to ESG impact. Securing operational stability and ROI requires experienced, expert execution and management that is in tune with regional conditions.


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