Delivers a comprehensive and strategic communications plan and an adaptive, responsive approach, which is key to successful ESG project execution.


Our ESG Implementation Solutions deliver the plan and approach that ensure the successful execution of ESG projects. With access to more than 5,000 professional staff across more than 150 scientific disciplines, we can offer you unparalleled resources for implementing the optimal set of ESG impact projects. When these are managed as ESG impact investments, each project contributes to an overall portfolio of work specifically designed to maximize value in the region.

With regional conditions in mind, our team leads and coordinates the implementation of ESG impact projects against established timelines and financial requirements. You receive regular progress reports and an array of tools that give you a front row seat during ESG project execution.

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We believe you should always be the face of ESG impact projects so as to build trust among all stakeholders while enhancing transparency and accountability. Our team acts as a collaborative partner, conducting the work for the benefit of the regional operations and its owners or shareholders as well as other relevant stakeholder groups.

We draw on more than 50 years of field experience executing large, complex ESG projects and programs in more than 75 countries around the world. Our subject matter experts, project managers, support staff, and vast network of highly qualified partners and consultants mean that each client’s specific situation receives customized attention.

With our ESG Implementation Solutions and objective ESG scientific rigor and subject matter expertise, we can transform ESG impact from an idea into a measurable reality—including true ROI—with no ambiguity. Through interactive dashboards and reporting over time, the difference that your ESG project is making can be quantified.

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