Provides the accurate tracking and reporting over time that are required to support sustainable ESG performance.


Simply defining ESG impact can be difficult; understanding how to measure it is something else entirely. Our team has decades of experience and has analyzed hundreds of ESG projects to develop methods for quantifying ESG impact. We designed our processes to produce measurable results that we can track over time.

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ESG impact projects are investments, and like any investment, they should be monitored for performance. We carefully monitor and evaluate performance over time to validate that your ESG project portfolio is working as planned. Beginning with a baseline, we benchmark performance at regular intervals to demonstrate the ongoing ROI. We supply you with an array of monitoring, evaluation, and reporting tools to ensure consistent communication throughout the ESG project implementation.

Our ability to measure and quantify ESG impact also allows us to provide ESG impact auditing and certification services, no matter who led the activities.

With effective demonstration of ESG results, you ease shareholder and stakeholder concerns, allowing ESG impact investments to reach their full potential.

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